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Does it matter what kind of electric bike you use in the US Virgin Islands?

The US Virgin Islands present some challenges you should consider when selecting an electric bike.  In particular, there are steep hills, and the roads are narrow and winding with a reputation of being unsafe for bicyclists.  You want an electric bike that is able to handle the slopes and let you drive in control at a pace fast enough that cars can see you as they speed around corners behind you.

The bike in this picture was made by the St Thomas bikesmith.  It features a 750 watt mid-drive motor, putting the motor inside the crankset where the bike's rear gears can apply the power best for hill climbing.  The battery pack is mounted inside the frame, so most of the weight added by the electric drive is low and centered.  The frame is a Surly 29er frame, a solid foundation able to handle any kind of terrain.   Drive is through an 11 speed internal gear rear hub, meaning there is a single speed sprocket for high reliability and low maintenance.  These are some of the things you'd want to look for if you want a bike that can easily handle the more challenging hills in the islands.

Another thing on this bike is a dynamo front hub and lighting by B&M of Germany.  The lights are on day and night for safety, and at night, they're nearly as bright as car headlights.


Top Nine Reasons to EBike in the VI

  1. Ebikes flatten hills
  2. 400 mpg is better than 15 mpg.
  3. Ecotourism is more fun.
  4. You choose how much exercise you get.
  5. You choose where you can go.
  6. 360 degree views.
  7. Sports adventure cycling accessible to many.
  8. It takes two to tango. Bike together, too!
  9. Meet interesting people!!