Electric bikes flatten hills.  They can go about 40 miles on a kilowatt-hour of electricity, which in the USVI equates to about 400 miles on a WAPA gallon of gas.

Electric bikes are basically just bicycles; you still pedal, but can maintain a decent speed up hills with a lot less effort than regular bikes.  In the VI, where the hills can scare donkeys and deter bikers doing olympic training, I don't expect most people will be able to e-bike everywhere that they might drive a jeep, but many should be able to go most places you'd go in two wheel drive on a jeep.  When I visit St John, I usually walk everywhere I can; with an electric bike I expect I'll be able to lose the jeep when I'm doing solo outings.

I'll be visiting St John with an electric bike built on St Thomas in December, and will try to ride the bike as many places as I can, taking videos as I go so others can see what it is like to ride an ebike in various places.

Note that St John has very few trails that are appropriate for bicycles; I'll be limiting my excursions to places where jeeps are allowed to drive, and hope others do the same.  Thanks in advance!