I'll be biking all over St John and might take a day on St Thomas between December 2nd and 9th, and would be glad to meet with anyone that has a business that could add an ebike piece, or is interested in starting a business involving ebikes.   The most likely categories are:  rentals and tours, bike parts and/or repairs, sales, and delivery services.  Rentals can be nearly as simple as adding a few electric bikes to an existing watersports rental business.  Tours would be great to run from a few locations.  Parts and repairs, if you can simply stock a few bike tools, tubes, and things like that, you'd have a foothold in a new category of business.  You could offer repairs and roadside service calls on call and as available.  For sales, something as simple as keeping a little literature perhaps at a rental location might be enough to get you sales commissions for bikes ordered from the St Thomas bikesmith or I can help you find other possible ebike vendors that build bikes suitable for the islands.


Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (340) 473-9562 through Dec 10th or (413) 340-1995 after the 10th if you'd like to talk, meet, or see a demo of the ebike I'll be riding on St John.