Tuesday arrived on st thomas and met luce robnett the bikesmith at the ferry.  i am instagramming places i visit keyboard failure and limited wifi access mean my posts will be concise.


Arrived on st john in the rain and dark with two backpacks.  waited for a lul and lashed the packs together and made it to cinnamon bay without any problems. the headlight gave ample light but i was glad for no traffic on the north shore road. i dont advise carrying luggage as your ebike initiation unless you’ve done backpack biking before!  the only advanced spot on the north shore road is the corkscrew climb between trunk and cinnamon bay.  suggest you look for a lull in traffic before entering either up or down, and get into a lower gear than seems required.  as you approach each turn start near center of road and cut into the turn.  Remember to keep left and if you’re hesitant, consider walking the bike when traffic abates. other than this windy steep area, the north shore road is fairly easy.  Keep an eye on your speed downhill especially as you approach turns, and be aware of traffic both ahead and behind you.  

The Ebikers Map of St John

Top Nine Reasons to EBike in the VI

  1. Ebikes flatten hills
  2. 400 mpg is better than 15 mpg.
  3. Ecotourism is more fun.
  4. You choose how much exercise you get.
  5. You choose where you can go.
  6. 360 degree views.
  7. Sports adventure cycling accessible to many.
  8. It takes two to tango. Bike together, too!
  9. Meet interesting people!!