The trip from Cinnamon to Annaburg is one of the easier ebikes on St John and would be a natural ebike or old school bike trips on the island.  There is a moderately long downhill as you go by the Maho Bay overlook and you should watch your speed and slow down under 10 mph as you approach the curves at the bottom.  Big Maho beach is on the long straight flat.  As you go up the hill keep left at the fork and note that the road is one lane wide one-way traffic.  Put your bike in a reasonably low gear andnturn power level up to maintain a good speed, and hug the left shoulder & slow down to let cars pass.  When you get to the bottom, the fork to left goes to Francis Bay, or to the right goes to Annaburg.  I’ll post a video later.

On your return you take the left side of the one way road loop.  This road gets moderately steep especially as you approach the fork which goes up to centerline, or down returning to Big Maho.

The climb up is for stronger cyclists with an appropriate ebike with a fairly long steep climb. Your reward is a smoothie at the top or access to Coral Bay and south & east end.  The key to this climb with the right ebike is to get into a low enough gear.  On my third time up this hill I set power level to medium and gears in the mid-low setting and made it up with just modest effort.


Here is a MapMyRide route starting halfway up the Trunk Bay hill, straight up to centerline, and down to Coral Bay for iced tea at Picklea.